Why you should support local business

Supporting local business is vital in any city and I’m going to tell you why that is.

The #1 reason is to improve the local economy.  When someone buys local way more of that money will stay in the community and there was even a study that found 68% of money stays in the city which will help the city thrive for years to come.  Local businesses will support eachother more than coorporate chains.  The bigger chains like to keep most of the money for themselves and hardly give back to the community.


The next reason why you should keep an eye out for good local talent is that the customer service is almost always better.  The reason for this is that the local buy is likely well known in the community and needs to uphold a good reputation whereas the bigger chain doesnt really care as they dont interact with the members of the community whatsoever.

Another and probably the most important reason on why you should always go local is good old competition.  You see the way things work with these coorporate stores is that they have a huge monopoly in the marketplace.  If everybody shopped with them then they would control everything.  People must support local companies in order to give the top dogs a run for their money.

The final reason is to support entrepreunership.  Without solid entrepreneurs the world wouldnt be what it is today.  We dont want the chain to die so today make the decision to shop local.